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1.   Emergency Travel Certificate

Ghanaian Travel Certificates are issued only to persons who are not in possession of a Ghana Passport and require travelling to Ghana under an emergency situation. They are available for a single journey to Ghana only and cannot be used for a return journey. They are usually valid for one month and expire after the period if not used. If used within 3 months, the Travel Certificate ceases to be a valid document upon entry into Ghana.

In addition to completing a Travel Certificate application form, applicants will be required to produce evidence of Ghanaian nationality such as photocopy of a passport, original Birth Certificate or Baptismal Certificate, together with two passport sized photographs and a fee of ¥300.00. All applicants are required to appear personally at the Embassy for an interview at the time of submitting the request for the Travel Certificate. Evidence of impending travel will be required before approval is granted for the issue of the Travel Certificate.